Is Air Conditioner Installation in Houston Worth the Cost? Your Questions Answered About New AC Systems

October 1, 2021

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A new air conditioner installation in Houston is often a bit costly, which is why many homeowners might wonder if the price is worth it! Before you go through another hot Texas summer without the comfort of a central air conditioner, check out some reasons why you might schedule a new AC installation for your home no matter the price.

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Is an Air Conditioner Installation in Houston Worth the Cost?

There are several reasons why a new central air conditioner in a Houston home is worth your cost. Consider just a few of those reasons here:

  • A cool and comfortable home interior is vital for good health! People often struggle to sleep in an overly warm environment and can also suffer headaches, drowsiness, and mood swings.
  • Air conditioners remove humidity as well as heat. Trapped humidity can warp wood doors and a home’s framing, risking long-term damage.
  • Trapped humidity in a home can also risk mold growth along walls, carpeting, and other surfaces.
  • Too much heat in a home can damage electronics including televisions, computers, gaming consoles, and Wi-Fi routers.
  • A central air conditioner can potentially increase property values, while not having an air conditioner in your home might decrease those values!

Does a Window Air Conditioner Installation Provide Good Cooling?

If you can’t afford a central air conditioner for a Houston home, you might wonder if a window AC provides sufficient cooling for a space. First note that a central air conditioner is connected to a home’s ductwork, so it blows cooled air through all the vents and registers in a home.

A window air conditioner blows cool air through its front panel, cooling only a small portion of interior space. The more powerful a window air conditioner, the larger a space it will cool; however, most window units only cool between 250 to 350 square feet of living space.

If you’re concerned about the cost of running a central air conditioner, you might consider a window AC installation in addition to the central unit! You can operate the central unit when you need to cool your entire house and then use a window AC in the bedroom at night, as an example. This offers more control over how you cool interior spaces, and can also lower your utility costs.

Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit for a Houston Home

If you decide to schedule a central air conditioner installation for a Houston home, note that you don’t want one that is oversized or undersized for your home! An oversized unit will waste electricity and might cycle off before it can remove humidity from the space. An undersized unit might not cool your entire home and could cycle on indefinitely, spiking your utility costs.

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An air conditioner’s power is measured in British Thermal Units or BTU. Typically you would need about 12,000 BTUs for every 500 square feet of living space. Choose a more powerful unit if your property lacks shade trees, if there are lots of occupants in the home, and if the home has poor insulation that allows cooling to escape easily.

It’s also recommended that you shop for an AC unit with a high energy efficiency rating. An energy-efficient AC uses a high percent of the power it draws to cool the home rather than to run the rest of the appliance, which can save you money on your utility costs.

Save on an Air Conditioner Installations in Houston!

If you’re finding that a new air conditioner is out of your reach financially, don’t hesitate to mention this to your Houston HVAC installer. He or she might know of manufacturer rebates and closeouts, or other low-cost AC units on the market. An older air conditioner model can offer all the cooling you need but might be priced far lower than newer models, just so sellers can get them out the door!

Some AC installers might also offer refurbished units, taken from other properties and then repaired as needed. These might not have as much life left to them as a new unit, but they can be offered for far less money overall.

You might also check if your mortgage lender will offer a home improvement loan to cover the purchase price of your air conditioner. These loans often have a much lower interest and repayment rate than credit cards and other loans, allowing you to spread out your payments over several years. You might also check if you’re eligible for tax credits and other rebates, which can make a new air conditioner unit more affordable.

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Homeowners should also remember that a new air conditioner installation in Houston might improve their home’s overall values. You can then see your costs returned to you in terms of a higher home value, making that investment well worth the cost.

Red Star Cooling & Heating is happy to provide you with this information about an air conditioner installation in Houston. If you need HVAC repairs or installation, call our Houston AC repair contractors. We offer FREE price quotes and fast response times for emergency repairs, so give us a call today!

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