Indoor Air Quality Services For Conroe, Spring & The Woodlands

Indoor air quality plays an important role in the overall comfort of your home or commercial space. A wide variety of environmental pollutants can contribute to poor air quality and the related discomfort they bring. Biological pollutants like pollen, dust and dust mites, animal dander, bacteria, viruses, and molds can combine with the harmful substances in tobacco smoke and other by-products of combustion, along with radon gas, asbestos and chemicals like formaldehyde, to create an indoor environment that does not support optimal lung health. In fact, these common contaminants that most people live with every day can trigger, or worsen allergies, asthma and several other lung conditions. That’s why at Red Star Cooling & Heating we take your indoor air quality serious and provide the IAQ solutions and services you need for your home or business.

IAQ Solutions

Red Star Cooling & Heating delivers state-of-the-art IAQ technologies to help you control the quality of your indoor air. We offer a selection of IAQ solutions for your home or commercial space that can be customized to meet your home or office needs:

  • Air Cleaners, including Air Filters & Air Purifiers
  • Air Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors
  • UV Lamps

Each product uses technology that is designed to address a particular IAQ issue, helping you enhance the breathability of your space and control the factors that lead to unhealthy indoor air, like mold, bacteria or chemical fumes. IAQ systems control humidity and replace stale indoor air with fresh, healthy outdoor air.

Duct Cleaning & Sealing Services

To keep your indoor air as clean as possible, Red Star Cooling & Heating offers residential and commercial air duct sealing and renovation services. Our team of experts will help to ensure that dust, dirt, and contaminants that build up in your AC system’s air ducts will not be released into your home or office. If the ductwork is damaged, pollutants can be released via your vents, registers, and sections of compromised ductwork. At Red Star Cooling & Heating, we provide a variety of services such as repairs, replacement, sealants to bring your AC ductwork up to our high standards for healthy indoor air and energy efficiency.

Call Red Star Cooling & Heating for Quality IAQ Solutions & Services

At Red Star Cooling & Heating, our factory-trained indoor air quality specialists are highly skilled in detecting and correcting the air quality issues that so frequently occur due to faulty or old ductwork. Whether you simply need air duct cleaning or you want a quote for new ductwork throughout your home or office, you can count on Red Star Cooling & Heating to give you the practical help and guidance you need to develop the best response for your unique IAQ challenges. Call us today to discuss your personal or professional IAQ needs and concerns.