How Often Do You Need AC Maintenance in The Woodlands, Texas?

June 30, 2020

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Regular, professional AC maintenance in The Woodlands, Texas, is vital for ensuring your home’s cooling system performs as it should and cycles on when expected! Air conditioning maintenance is especially important for Texas homes, where many homeowners tend to use the AC system almost year-round.

To ensure you’re keeping your home’s HVAC system in tiptop shape without paying for services you don’t necessarily need, note what’s included in AC maintenance in The Woodlands. You can then also consider how often your home’s cooling system needs professional maintenance and some signs of necessary repairs or replacement as well.

ac maintenance the woodlands

What Is Included in AC Maintenance in The Woodlands?

To know how often you should schedule AC maintenance in The Woodlands, you might note what’s included in this service! While every company is different in what they offer during service calls, most AC maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the system’s coils. This includes the evaporator coil and the condenser coil, both of which collect tremendous amounts of dust and debris when in use.

Cleaning the fins or grille of the AC housing unit is also vital, as those fins tend to get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other dirt and debris, cutting off air circulation around the unit. Air circulation is needed to ensure the unit doesn’t overheat, and cleaning that debris keeps it from collecting around the moving parts inside the unit as well.

As the air conditioner operates, it creates condensation which then drains through a tube. This tube tends to collect dirt and dust; if not cleaned regularly, it might then clog, letting that condensation and moisture collect inside the unit. This risks added wear and tear and early breakdown.

During air conditioner maintenance in The Woodlands, a technician will also typically check refrigerant levels and look for signs of leakage. He or she will also check wiring and switches for signs of wear and corrosion and the need for replacement. The home’s thermostat is often calibrated, to ensure it’s reading inside temperatures correctly.

An air conditioner unit also has belts and bearings that should be checked for signs of early wear and needed oiling, cleaning, or replacement. The home’s ductwork might also be checked for signs of leakage and airflow through the evaporator coil is also measured.

How Often Do You Need Residential AC Maintenance in The Woodlands?

Most homeowners might assume that annual air conditioner maintenance in The Woodlands is sufficient; however, note that Texas homeowners often run their home’s AC unit more often than national averages! In turn, your home’s air conditioner might collect more dirt and dust throughout the year or put added wear and tear on the coils and other parts than what is typical.

AC tune-up in The Woodlands

Semi-annual AC maintenance in The Woodlands, meaning twice per year, might then be a better choice for homeowners. This is especially true if you tend to run the AC unit regularly, such as for homes that are always occupied throughout the day or families who cycle on the air conditioner at night as well as during the day. More consistent maintenance can help avoid early breakdown and excessive wear and tear.

Homeowners with older air conditioning units might also schedule more consistent maintenance and checks. The older a unit, the more likely it is that belts and bearings need checking for potential replacement, and the less efficiently the unit runs in general. Regular cleaning and other such checks keeps that unit operating as efficiently as possible for its age and condition.

Signs of Needed Air Conditioning Repair in The Woodlands

Even with the best maintenance services, you will eventually need residential air conditioning repair in The Woodlands! However, a homeowner should never wait until their AC unit fails to work entirely before scheduling needed repairs, as there are often many signs that an air conditioner is struggling to work even if it should cycle on and offer some cooling throughout the home.

A cool yet clammy interior environment might indicate that the air conditioner is cycling off faster than it should, as an AC unit should stay on long enough to remove humidity as well as heat from interior homes. An AC unit that cycles off too quickly might be oversized for your home, pushing cooled air too quickly through the space. The home’s thermostat or wiring between the thermostat and AC unit might also need repair or replacement.

Odd noises and smells also typically indicate needed AC repair in The Woodlands. An air conditioner might make a “whooshing” sound as it cycles on and pushes air through a home’s ducts and vents, and you might also notice a humming sound from the compressor itself as the fan rotates. However, grinding and thumping sounds often mean broken parts or those struggling to work.

Burning smells also indicate worn parts or those rubbing against each other. A motor or blower might also be overheating or otherwise struggling to work. Don’t ignore unpleasant odors coming from an AC unit, assuming they’re simply normal, but call an air conditioner repair company in The Woodlands when you hear or smell anything unusual.

When Is It Time for New Air Conditioner Installation in The Woodlands?

Sooner or later you will need a new air conditioning installation in The Woodlands, as even the highest-rated and most durable AC unit eventually wears down beyond repair. While an air conditioner that no longer functions obviously needs replacing, you might not want to wait until your home’s AC fails altogether to schedule a needed installation.

For example, a residential air conditioner nearing the end of its expected lifespan might need costly repairs. You can invest in those repairs but note that you might need an entirely new AC unit in a year or two anyway! It can be a better financial investment to simply choose a new air conditioner installation in The Woodlands when the current, older unit starts failing or needs a major part replaced.

If you tend to cycle on the air conditioner repeatedly throughout the day or night and your home still doesn’t seem cool and comfortable, this might indicate that you need a larger or more powerful unit. Continuing to cycle on a small, undersized unit often means higher utility costs, so investing in a new air conditioner installation for a The Woodlands home can actually be cheaper for you in the long run!

Your technician performing AC maintenance in The Woodlands might also note if the unit is beginning to fail or show signs of excessive wear and tear. Investing in a new unit as soon as possible will mean having a reliable air conditioner that won’t fail on the hottest day of the year!

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