How Long Does AC Repair Take? | What to Expect

November 3, 2022

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Have you been putting off needed AC repair? If so, it’s time to make that call! The longer you ignore odd sounds, uneven cooling, and other issues, the more extensive damage becomes. In turn, you might end up paying far more for repairs than if you called at the first sign of needed fixes!

However, you might be putting off those fixes because you’re worried about how long repairs might take. This is a legitimate concern, as no one wants AC technicians in and out of their property for days at a time!

The good news is that contractors can make most repairs within a day or two. On the other hand, full-scale AC replacement might take longer, depending on your property. Check out some added details about AC repair, so you know what to expect with your unit.

how long does ac repair take

How long does it take to repair AC?

Simple AC repair properties might take only a few hours. However, a more extensive repair, like replacing a bad compressor, may take 2 to 5 days depending on the parts needed. Also, foreign objects inside a compressor can stop the unit from working properly. Depending on the damage extent, this work might also need just a few hours to address.

Moreover, uneven cooling issues might also need just an hour or two to address. In many cases, a technician might need to replace a filter and clean the unit, simple tasks for a pro!

Also, note that regular maintenance usually only requires a few hours to complete. During this service, a contractor might clean the unit and replace worn belts and hoses. Additionally, they might calibrate the thermostat and check the wiring for needed replacement. These simple steps keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

How long does it take to replace an AC compressor?

An AC compressor might be the most important part of the appliance. A compressor squeezes refrigerant so that it removes heat, creating cool air. The AC fan then circulates that cooler air back into interior rooms.

Consequently, the compressor has suffered lots of wear and tear over the years. When it fails, the AC typically just circulates warm air back through your home’s ducts and vents.

Changing out a compressor is a big job and usually requires several days. As a matter of fact, it’s often just as cost-effective to replace the AC unit altogether! However, if you decide just to replace the compressor, note that your technician needs to take apart the housing unit.

Then, he or she removes the current compressor to make room for the new one. This entire process requires several hours to complete and is typically spread out over more than one day.

How long does AC repair take?

Replacing an air conditioner altogether might take just a day, while some projects require 3 to 5 days or longer. First, your technician considers delivery times from manufacturers for new units. Second, a technician might take longer to remove an AC without easy access, such as one in an attic.

However, a simple changeout, meaning that your technician is only replacing the main unit and not ductwork, usually takes just a day. On the other hand, if technicians also need to replace ductwork and wiring, this can add a few days to the project.

Repair or replace your home’s AC

Whether you should repair an old AC or replace it is often a tough decision! First, consider the air conditioner’s age and if it might keep breaking down in the next few years. Second, note if it’s time to upgrade the unit to something larger or more energy efficient.

Also, check manufacturer warranties for potential choices. If a manufacturer guarantees their appliance for 15 years, as an example, this can be a great investment! Additionally, upgraded appliances can allow you to sell your home faster if you should decide to move. Your AC repair contractor can offer even more considerations for your property.

Red Star Cooling & Heating is proud to offer this information about AC repair to our readers. If you’re in need of expert HVAC services, call our Woodlands AC repair contractors today. We offer guaranteed fixes with high-quality materials designed for durability. Above all, we stand behind every repair and replacement with a full warranty you can trust. To find out more or to get your property started on expert fixes, use our contact form or just give us a call.


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