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Revolutionary AC Replacement in The Woodlands - We Have It! 

In 2011, about 88% of new homes constructed in the United States had air conditioning included as a feature. Air conditioner replacement in The Woodlands is inevitable if your home came with the equipment. Eventually, what you have will no longer be efficient, or it will simply wear out with age and use. There's nothing you can do to prevent it, but you can be prepared for what's to come by learning more about air conditioners and what signs to watch for that point to a failing unit.

The qualified HVAC contractors from Red Star Cooling & Heating are excited to share with you all the options we have for a new AC unit. As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, we can find the most suitable choice for your property and your budget.

Call our office today and set up an in-home, virtual, or over-the-phone consultation. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we do whatever we can to make it most convenient for you.

AC replacement The Woodlands, TX
residential AC replacement in The Woodlands

Is an Air Conditioner Replacement in Your Future?

Even the most expensive, most advanced, highest-performing pieces of equipment wear out. An AC replacement is generally required with regular use and routine maintenance after 9-12 years. For homeowners with systems this age or older, it's likely time to start thinking about a new unit. Other indicators that your air conditioner has served its purpose and needs to be exchanged include:

  • Poor quality air
  • Weak airflow
  • Inconsistent cooling
  • High energy bills
  • Loud noises or odd odors
  • Constant AC repairs required

These are clues you can watch for, but if you'd prefer a professional, honest opinion, we can send an HVAC technician in The Woodlands your way. Trust what we tell you is what we know with our years of training and experience.

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Get Ready for Incredible Energy Savings & Superior Comfort!

You think you have an air conditioner that keeps you comfortable enough. Then, you go to a friend or family member's home, and you realize they have something going on that you don't. The HVAC industry is changing and advancing all the time. With each passing year comes new technologies for better performing cooling systems. An investment in your AC replacement in the Woodlands today gets you:

  • Superior comfort throughout your entire home
  • Better air to breathe in
  • Lower humidity levels
  • More affordable energy bills
  • Easier to use equipment
  • Fewer HVAC repairs!

Just like you update your computer, your car, and your smartphone, your AC in The Woodlands should be updated at least every decade. If it's that time at your house, give us a call!

air conditioner replacement in The Woodlands
new AC replacement at home in The Woodlands

Avoid AC Replacement in The Woodlands Emergencies

Although Red Star Cooling & Heating is here for all of your 24-hour AC repairs in The Woodlands, is that something you really want to have to deal with?

Your cooling equipment can quit at any given time. If yours is outdated or you haven't done the proper AC maintenance over the years, you're going to more prone to breakdown. Avoid that chance by having an air conditioner installation done first.

Select from our exceptional products manufactured by the popular Carrier brand:

  • Infinity® Series Air Conditioner with Greenspeed® Intelligence
  • Infinity® Series Air Conditioners
  • Performance™ Series Air Conditioners
  • Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

Get all the details about price, WARRANTIES, and more by calling, email, or filling out our convenient online form.


We're Always Up-To-Date in AC Replacements

Some of the HVAC companies in The Woodlands have been around for just as long or even longer than we have. The only issue with several of these HVAC contractors is, they get set in the old way of doing things, and they never change their methods.

We know how essential it is to stay current in the world of air conditioning & cooling services, including replacements, installations, repairs, and more, so we are always continuing to learn and grow. What we discover gets passed on to every one of our valued clients!

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Custom estimates
  • Continued education and training for all HVAC contractors
  • Locally owned and operated

Get the personal attention and level of customer care you deserve by making an appointment with us now!

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These guys are great! Carlos Rivera, the Operations Manager, worked several different options to come up with the best solution for my situation and, finally, gave me a really good deal overall. The installation was very professional and on time. I can't say enough good things about this outfit.
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- Steve S.
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