5 Signs You Need Furnace Repair in The Woodlands, TX

January 15, 2021

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While you might not use your home’s heating system as often as the air conditioner, you don’t want to put off needed furnace repair in The Woodlands, TX! When Texas weather takes a turn and winter sets in, it’s vital that your home stay warm and comfortable for you and your family, and that your furnace work as expected during those colder months.

A furnace that simply won’t cycle obviously needs repairs, but the complete shutdown is not the only sign that it’s time to call a furnace repair contractor in The Woodlands! Knowing a few common signs of furnace damage allows you to schedule timely repairs, avoiding a shutdown and otherwise unnecessary costs. Check out these 5 signs that you need furnace repair in The Woodlands and schedule needed fixes when you notice any of these happening with your home’s furnace.

1. Schedule Furnace Repair in The Woodlands for Odd Smells

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Gas furnaces can sometimes smell like fuel when they first switch on, as they burn that initial fuel supply and surrounding vapors. However, furnaces should vent foul odors as they operate, and some odd or burning smells can mean a buildup of dust or other debris. This buildup causes excessive wear and tear on the furnace, and dust especially can circulate back into the home’s interior rooms, making for very poor air quality.

It’s especially vital that you turn off the furnace and call for immediate repairs if you smell gas or anything that might indicate a gas leak. Gas leaks are dangerous and even downright deadly, and should be repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if you notice any odd smells originating from your furnace, schedule an inspection to check for needed fixes.

2. Struggling to Start? Call for Furnace Repair in The Woodlands

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If you adjust your home’s thermostat and the furnace struggles to start as it should, it’s time for furnace repair in The Woodlands! A furnace that doesn’t cycle on when the home’s interior temperature drops might need a new blower or wiring, or the thermostat might not be communicating with the unit as it should.

Don’t overlook this issue as a furnace struggling to start often suffers added wear and tear, and might draw more power as it does cycle on. This can mean more extensive repair and utility costs! New wiring and other needed fixes can ensure your furnace cycles on as needed and is functioning optimally.

3. Unit Cycles On, But Your Home Doesn’t Get Warm

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Inadequate heat often means leaking ductwork, which lets out that warm air before it can reach interior rooms. Your home’s furnace might also be struggling to work with a damaged, worn motor or blower, or worn-out heating coil. Don’t assume that this problem is minor or that you should simply turn up the thermostat, but call for furnace repairs in The Woodlands if your unit is struggling to work and heat your home for any reason.

4. Schedule Furnace Repair in The Woodlands for Odd Sounds

A furnace might make a slight “whooshing” noise as it cycles on and starts blowing air through a home’s ductwork and vents, but it should never make banging, clanging, thumping, grinding, or other such sounds! These sounds often indicate a broken part or motor and blower struggling to work.

Banging sounds can also indicate damaged ductwork moving around as air gets pushed through. Damaged ductwork allows for air to escape, which means less heating for your home and increased wear and tear on the furnace itself. If you notice any odd sounds coming from your furnace, schedule a checkup for needed furnace repair in The Woodlands.

5. Uneven Heating Means It’s Time for Repairs or a New Furnace Installation!

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Your home’s furnace and air conditioner should provide even heating and cooling for your entire house; if you notice your furnace cycles on as it should but certain areas of the home aren’t heated properly, it’s time for furnace repairs or potentially a new furnace installation in The Woodlands!

Uneven heating can mean a furnace struggling to work so that it doesn’t circulate warm air as it should. This can also indicate damaged or leaking ductwork in the home, letting air escape before it reaches certain interior spaces, as said.

In some cases, uneven heat can also signal an undersized or underpowered furnace. If the furnace doesn’t have the capacity to provide heat for your home’s interior size, some rooms will remain cold. Undersized and underpowered furnaces need replacing rather than repairs.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Other than having a furnace too small or otherwise underpowered for your home, there are times when it’s recommended you consider a new furnace installation for The Woodlands homes. For example, if your furnace needs extensive or costly repairs, note its current age. If that furnace is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you might need to replace it in a year or two anyway; rather than pay for repairs now and a new furnace next year, consider investing in a new appliance rather than those repairs.

An updated furnace can also mean investing in a more energy-efficient model or one with more features you prefer, such as alerts when the filter needs changing. An energy-efficient furnace means lower utility costs and less electrical use, saving you money and reducing your overall “carbon footprint.”

A homeowner might also note if you’re thinking of putting your home on the real estate market anytime soon. While you might not think it wise to invest in new appliances for a home you’ll sell eventually, note that old, outdated appliances can make your home very unattractive to potential buyers! A new HVAC system, even a basic model without many added features and “extras,” can appeal to buyers and ensure you get as many offers as possible.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Furnace Repair in The Woodlands?

Your homeowner’s insurance covers furnace repair in The Woodlands if it’s damaged due to a covered loss, such as a house fire. However, rarely does homeowner’s insurance cover repairs needed due to age, excessive use, and the like.

In some cases your home’s furnace might still be covered by its own warranty, which would usually reimburse you the cost of repairs. If you’re not sure if your home’s furnace is covered by a warranty, you can usually find its serial number somewhere on a front panel and then call the manufacturer and ask about coverage.

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Red Star Heating & Cooling is proud to offer this information to our readers and we hope that you find it helpful. If you notice any of these 5 signs of needed furnace repair in The Woodlands, or notice any difficulty with your residential or commercial HVAC system, give us a call! We offer reputable, reliable heating and air conditioning repair in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, and guarantee all our work to last!

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