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You can't afford to waste time looking around for someone knowledgeable to help you with your heating and cooling in Conroe. So cut the time and energy you spend searching and go straight to the best in the region, Red Star Heating and Cooling! We've been in this industry for many years, and we know heating and cooling systems inside and out.

Let us know what you're seeing, hearing, and even smelling over the phone, and chances are we can start diagnosing your issue from there. We show up quickly and even offer 24 hour HVAC repair services at fair prices.

Learn more about what we do for the local homes and businesses by calling to speak with a friendly customer care team member today!

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Heating & Cooling Systems in Conroe That Simplify Your Life

It can make you a little anxious thinking about having to replace heating and cooling systems in Conroe, but these pieces of equipment are one of the few investments that you'll make as a homeowner that pays for itself. The amount of money you save on utility bills alone will help cover the cost in just a few months!

You're also going to get:

  • Fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs
  • Overall better comfort
  • Greater air quality
  • Peace of mind, your furnace and AC unit are always ready to go!

Visit our blog to check out more on why new home heating and cooling devices are a wise choice. Then call for your complimentary estimate!

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Pushing of Heating and AC in Conroe Will Cost You!

You've already neglected a heat and air in Conroe problem for long enough. If you've not noticed your energy bills rising yet, they will start to soon. Eventually, you will be paying so much more in monthly costs to keep your home warm or cool. You could have paid for a brand new system!

Heat and air devices that are pushing harder to keep up with problems related to neglected repairs, ignored maintenance, and other heating and air conditioning services are more likely to break down prematurely as well. Instead of paying for a more affordable repair, you could be facing a complete replacement!

Save the headache and the cash, and reach out to Red Star Cooling & Heating today!

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Red Star Heating & Cooling Takes Care of Your Heat & Air Properly

Red Star Air is here to take care of your heating and cooling in Conroe, not only when there's a problem but all year long! We offer an affordable bi-annual maintenance plan that includes two tune-ups for optimum performance of your heating and cooling systems at all times.

The price is right, at just $200 for the year or $15 monthly. That also includes additional benefits like:

  • Extended parts and labor warranties
  • Priority scheduling
  • No more service fees!
  • 10% off labor and parts

Wouldn't you like to have an HVAC heating and cooling company in Conroe that you can trust on speed dial? Give us an opportunity to show you what we're capable of, and we bet it will be Red Star Air!



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These guys are great! Carlos Rivera, the Operations Manager, worked several different options to come up with the best solution for my situation and, finally, gave me a really good deal overall. The installation was very professional and on time. I can't say enough good things about this outfit.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
- Steve S.
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Complete Heating & Cooling Services in Conroe

Red Star Cooling & Heating is your number one choice for heating and cooling in Conroe and the surrounding areas. We are all-inclusive when it comes to furnace systems, air conditioning equipment, air filtration, and more. Our warehouse is stocked with devices for all needs and all budgets, so when can install or repair what you need fast. Start today with your FREE quote!



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Stop paying small service call fees for every call. Get it all for only $200/year or $15/month!
Up to 10% OFF Parts & Labor | Priority Scheduling | Extended Warranties | And Much More!
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