Emergency AC Repair

At Red Star Air we understand that your time is valuable. If your AC breaks down in a Texas summer, your house will get hot, very hot. When it breaks down, you need help fast! That is where we come in. Red Star Air has been serving the Spring, Woodland, and surrounding communities since 2006.

We offer the following services to our clients

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Guaranteed repairs, performed properly the first time
  • Licensed, professional, & trustworthy technicians you can count on
  • Experience with all makes and models of AC Equipment

What causes an AC Emergency?

Outdated AC Units

Like most equipment, AC units won’t last forever. Much like cars, aging systems are more prone to breakdowns and emergencies than newer more efficient models. One thing we like to tell our customers is that if you notice you’re calling us for repeated repairs and emergency service more often, consider the 50% rule of thumb. This means that when the cost of repairs is getting close to 50% of your system’s original value, you are better off financially upgrading your system to a more efficient model.

Improper Maintenance

This is our number one reason for emergency calls. We recommend you get all of your appliances inspected and cleaned regularly. Simple tasks such as changing your filter are also essential to the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your AC, or Furnace.

DIY Gone Bad

We are all guilty of this, thinking we can make an easy fix to our equipment, but then something bad happens. Unless you are an expert, do not try to fix your AC equipment unless you are 100% familiar with it, no matter how easy it may look on YouTube. So while you might want to grab a wrench or cousin to help, try giving us a call first. You’ll save money in the long run and you’ll save yourself the frustration when trying to fix it yourself.

Running The AC All Day & Night

While it may seem easier to just let your AC run full blast all day and night, it has negative effects on your unit. Not only will it use a fair amount of electricity to run, but it also stresses your unit out. If your going to be out of the house all day. Turn the system to a higher temperature during warmer months and lower on the cooler months so the system doesn't have to work harder to cool or heat the home.

If you think that you have an AC Emergency remember these few things: don’t grab a tool to fix it yourself, grab your phone, call Red Star Cooling & Heating at 281-651-7827 and let one of our licensed and experienced professionals handle the situation for you.