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AC Tune-Ups in The Woodlands, TX is What We Do

Unless you've had the service done before, you may be asking yourself what an AC tune-up in The Woodlands is, or how it's performed. Red Star Cooling & Heating has a plethora of experience in doing this kind of job for both residential and commercial customers on all makes and models.

Our experts know that if you want to extend the life of your AC unit and keep it operating efficiently, we have to:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Evaluate refrigerant levels
  • Look for leaks
  • Examine and tighten electrical components
  • Analyze the blower belt and motor operations

These should be taken care of at regular intervals, and we have the AC repair contractor that can do it quickly and thoroughly at your convenience. Call to make an appointment!

AC tune-up in The Woodlands
air conditioning tune-up in The Woodlands

Is it Time for an AC Tune-Up in The Woodlands?

We heard the same thing repeatedly when going to do AC repairs in The Woodlands - The customer didn't think there was anything wrong with their equipment. 

All professional HVAC contractors recommend that you get an AC tune-up in The Woodlands once a year. That includes the systems that are seemingly working correctly. Here are some indicators to watch for, and other signs it's time for a service from our dedicated team:

  • It's been more than a year since your AC unit has been inspected
  • An increase in energy bills
  • Strange sounds or odors
  • Dirty or dusty equipment
  • Lack of cooled air

So, if you haven't scheduled an AC repair, maintenance, installation, or other services in the last calendar year, now is the time to reach out. We have someone ready to assist you.

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Save Stress & Keep Money in Your Pocket with AC Tune-Ups

When you're already busier than you want to be, or if money is tight, you are probably curious if an AC tune-up in The Woodlands is essential. When we tell you yes it is, we're not saying that so that we can gain your business. It's the only way you can be sure to prevent future problems, some of which can be catastrophic.

Take a look at all the benefits that come from getting your AC tune-up done now!

  • Get the equipment ready for warmer weather after sitting all winter
  • Cheaper than an AC repair or AC replacement down the road
  • Keep warranties intact
  • A longer-lasting piece of equipment
  • Lower cooling costs and increase efficiency

It's a small price to pay to get your AC tune-up in The Woodlands done today. Avoid a more significant issue and reach out to us now!

HVAC contractor doing AC tune up in The Woodlands
air conditioning tune-up contractors in The Woodlands

Licensed & Certified AC Repair Contractors Are Standing By

Before you start tinkering around with your air conditioner, you should know that these devices are a lot more complicated than they seem. As soon as you open it up, you're putting yourself in danger. With the electrical components and moving parts found inside, it's a better idea to leave it to a highly-trained HVAC contractor from Red Star Cooling & Heating.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fully licensed and certified
  • Knowledgeable in all makes and models
  • Up-to-date with codes, laws, and other protocols
  • Factory-authorized Carrier dealer

We've fixed a lot of DIY AC repairs and problems. Don't let yours be the next we have to correct. Let us take care of it from the start by calling today!



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These guys are great! Carlos Rivera, the Operations Manager, worked several different options to come up with the best solution for my situation and, finally, gave me a really good deal overall. The installation was very professional and on time. I can't say enough good things about this outfit.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
- Steve S.
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Is it Too Late for an AC Tune-Up in The Woodlands, TX?

In some instances, an AC tune-up isn't going to be enough to get your system running efficiently again. Our honest team will give you all of your options for AC services, including AC maintenance, and much more. Trust, if we tell you it's time for something different, we're giving you the facts about your existing equipment. Get started by calling for an evaluation.
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