Using Spring Texas HVAC Services In Emergency Situations

Deadly tornadoes in the US have yet again caused more damage to homes in South East Texas. In fact, 2016 was the worst year for storms as they ripped through many parts of the US. Before the tornado season begins again, make sure you contact a Spring Texas HVAC specialist to inspect your heating and cooling units. If you wish to protect your home from the upcoming storms, read the rest of this article now.

Around 2,500 hailstorms occur annually in the US. An average tornado not only causes building damage but it will also claim lives. A tornado is the most violent storm that can reach up to 200 miles per hour in wind speeds. Although there is not much you can do to protect your home from destruction, there are ways to brace your home against the violent winds. Roof clips or window shutters are some of the least expensive technologies available.

Even if you do nothing to protect your home, it is still imperative to keep your family safe by taking them to an underground shelter. Before the storm arrives, make sure you put together an emergency kit that should include a week supply of water, food for every family member, first aid kit, portable lights, medication, money, and emergency contact numbers.

The next step is to come up with an action plan for your family. Practice where you will seek shelter during a tornado so that everyone is aware of the location they should be going to. You must also establish contact with a relative or friend in order to inform them about where you are going. Before leaving the house, shut off the water valves and switch off the electrical units in the event of a disaster.

To protect your roof from storm damage, consider installing shingles. You can also remove the overgrown branches that could fall on your roof during a storm. Falling trees can cause fatalities or even severe structural damage. Strong winds may also destroy the landscaping materials in your yard so it is best to keep them covered.

Before a storm is predicted, homeowners should take their family to the nearest shelter for safety. The sooner you are aware that a tornado is on the way the safer you will be. Look for the safest area in your home and seek shelter immediately. If you have a basement without windows or a bathroom, stay there until the storm passes. High-rise buildings almost always have an interior room on the lower floor.

By closing all the doors and windows you can keep your home and your family protected. Make sure you put as many barriers between you and the tornado as possible. Seek for escape routes in your neighborhood and take any additional safety equipment with you.

All the furniture that can fall over and hurt you should be removed. This includes book shelves and wardrobes. Before a tornado arrives, move the furniture away from windows and doors wherever possible. Lastly, keep all the external doors and windows closed in order to prevent rain damage.

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