Be Prepared For Hurricanes

Hurricane preparedness involves what you can do before and after a hurricane strikes. Take Hurricane Harvey for example; what do you possibly do after the most devastating, costliest, and destructive hurricane in history? This Category 4 hurricane that spread throughout Greater Houston caused tropical storm-force winds and catastrophic flooding, with many areas receiving as much as 40+ inches of rain during a four-day period. As a result, thousands of homes were damaged and destroyed by the high winds and heavy rainfall.

When Mother Nature strikes, all you can do is pick up what was left behind, return to safety, and rebuild. It’s important to be aware and cautious of your home and surroundings after a hurricane. To ensure your utmost safety should a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, strike in your area, follow these recommendations:

  • If you stay in a local emergency shelter or somewhere else besides your home, don’t leave until it’s announced that it’s safe to do so.
  • Contact friends and family to ensure their safety.
  • If you are home or when you return home and you have flooding, try to avoid the flood water and don’t touch anything electrical.
  • Turn off gas valves in case there’s a leak.
  • Don’t drink or use the water if it’s still turned on.
  • Don’t walk or drive through flood waters.
  • Take photos of the damage in your home to assist in filing an insurance claim.

Here to Help

If you need help preparing for a hurricane or cleaning up after one, we can help. At Red Star Air, we can repair HVAC products, sell you the right system, or install a generator should you need one in the event of a prolonged power outage. We invite you to browse the rest of our site to learn what else we can do that can help you before or after a hurricane.